Welcome to Nockers Engineering Products

Nockers Engineering Products is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of industrial wire in South Africa, providing high quality industrial wire in a wide range of specifications to meet your industrial and commercial needs. Established in 1995, we specialise in working with a number of large commercial clients to supply industrial wire and other engineering materials across the globe on a regular basis.


South Africa commercial engineering materials suppliers

At Nockers Engineering Products, we specialise in engineering material supply contracts, working regularly with companies to provide the materials needed for their ongoing manufacturing purposes. We pride ourselves on helping you to find exactly what you need according to your specifications, including:

  • Industrial wires
  • Wire-related products
  • Centrifugally cast (spun cast) stainless steel and nickel alloy tubes
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel and nickel alloy castings
  • Associated plant and equipment


We have an extensive network of manufacturing principals in Asia, Europe and North America, allowing us to offer you an unrivalled portfolio of industrial wires and castings for practically any manufacturing application.


An extensive range of industrial wire products

Our wide range of industrial wire products include:

  • Spring wires in carbon steel, stainless steel and ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
  • Weaving, braiding and knitting wires in stainless steel and nickel alloys
  • Stainless steel cold heading wires and rods
  • Nickel Chrome (Nichrome) resistance wires, ribbons and strips
  • Stainless steel MIG and TIG welding wires
  • High specification wires for critical applications

Nockers Engineering Products understand just how important quality is to you, which is why we provide material test certificates with all the materials we supply, as well as manufacturers’ ISO9001 certificates wherever appropriate.


If you’re looking for industrial wire and spun cast tubes for manufacturing purposes, the professional and friendly team at Nockers Engineering Products is here to help you. Simply contact us online or call either + 27 11 447 8562 or + 27 11 447 8591 today.