Mechanical hollow pipes from centrifugal casting process

Our principals have been for many years a leading producer of centricast pipes and shaped vertical items. Such products could be reasonably considered as the best solution in many applications, where highest dimensional and productive flexibility, very short delivery, best metallurgical quality and price are required. Thanks to the continuous improvement of their production processes enhancing the technological level and the technical content of these products they have become a reliable and highly qualified partner in the production of stainless steel and special alloys centrifugal cast hollow pipes.

Pipes awaiting despatch

Pipes awaiting despatch

Typical stock

Typical stock in A747 CB7Cu-1 (17/4PH)


Pipes OD 487 x ID 455 in A351 CPF3M (316L)


Dimensional Range

Our principals have more than 160 pipe moulds to optimize shape, dimensions, weight and improve competitiveness. Their maximum liquid capacity is 5000kg.

They have pipes in stock at their works in different alloys ready to cut and ship in order to satisfy most dimensions and urgent requests with a delivery of 2-3 working days.

Here you can see the production range.



Centricast production range

Outside Rough Diameter

94 < OD < 1200mm


Minimum Inner Rough Diameter

IDmin. = 45mm


Rough Length of pipe

L up to 4750mm



High Nickel Alloys

Other Alloys


From 10 to 150mm

From 15 to 150mm






Dimensional Range


 Supply condition of the pipes

  • Rough condition: annealed, quenched tempered, solution annealed or as requested.
  • OD and ID pre-machined cylindrical.
  • Finish machined to drawing.


Our principals are equipped with an excellent machining department and with a whole series of further qualified machining sub-suppliers, in order to perform all types of machining operations.

Horizontal Lathe

Horizontal lathe for machining pipes

Rough Pipe

Rough pipes

Superduplex Rough Pipe with 115mm Thickness

Superduplex rough pipe
with 115mm thickness


Premachined Pipes

Premachined pipes

Finish Machined Pipe

Finish machined pipe for decanter
centrifugal machine





ISO 9001-2008 QualificationLloyd's RegisterNorsok QualificationIndustrie Service
ISO 9001 - 2008 QualificationLloyd's Register foundry qualification for naval applicationsNorsok QualificationsApproved according to AD2000 Merkblatt W0



Norsok Qualification

AlloyStructureProduct formNorsok MDS for cast-centricast productsNorsok MDS for hot finished productsMax. qualified wall thickness Acc. M-650 Ed. 4
A995 GR 4A J92205

DuplexSand casting D46 D44 250mm
Centricast tube D46 D44 100mm
Centricast ball D46 D44 200mm
A995 GR 5A J93404SuperduplexSand casting D56 D54 250mm
Centricast tube D56 D54 100mm
Centricast ball D56 D54 200mm
A995 GR 6A J93380SuperduplexSand casting D56 D54 250mm
A351 CK3MCuNSuperaustenitic (254SMO)Sand casting R16 R14 250mm
Centricast tube R16 R14 100mm
Centricast ball R16 R14 200mm
A494 CW6MC ModNickel base (625)Centricast tube N02 N01 120mm
A494 CW6MCNickel base (625)Sand casting N02 N01 200mm
Centricast ball N02 N01 200mm
A494 CX2MWNickel base (Hast. C22)Sand casting N02 N01 200mm



Material List






Hot Finished Equivalent

MARTENSITICA743 CA 15 J91150/1.4011 S41000/1.4006/410 0.10 12.5 <1.0 <0.5 -
420 J91153/1.4027 S42000/1.4021/420 0.20 13.0 <1.0 - -
431 J91651/1.4059 S43100/1.4057/431 0.22 17.0 1.5 - -
A743 CA6NM J91540/1.4317 S41500/1.4313/13-4 <0.06 12.5 3.7 0.6 -
A747 CB7Cu-1 J92180/1.4510 S17400/1.4548/17-4PH <0.06 16.5 4.0 - 3.0Cu, 0.25No
16.5.1 1.4405 1.4418 <0.07 16.0 5.2 1.2 -
AUSTENITICA351 CF8J92600/1.4308S30400/1.4301/304<0.0819.09.5<0.5-
A351 CF3J92700/1.4309S30403/1.4306/304L<0.0318.59.5<0.5-
A351 CF8MJ92900/1.4408S31600/1.4401/316<0.08
A351 CF3MJ92800/1.4409S31603/1.4404/316L<0.0318.511.02.3-
A351 CF8CJ92710/1.4552S34700/1.4550/347<0.0819.010.5<0.5Nb>8x%C
A351 CG8M J93000S31700/1.4449/317<0.0819.511.03.5-
A351 CG3MJ92999 S31703/1.4438/317L<0.0319.511.03.5-
1.44391.4446 S31726/1.4439<0.0317.513.54.50.17N
A351 CK20J94202/1.4840S31008/1.4951/310S<0.2025.020.5<0.5-
A351 CG6MMN J93790S20910/Nitronic 50<0.0622., 0.3N, 0.2Nb, V
A351 CF10SMnN J92972S21800/Nitronic 60<0.1017.08.5-8.0Mn, 4.0S, 0.14N
SUPERAUSTENITIC1.4500J95150/1.4500-<0.0820., Nb>8x%C
A351 CN7MN08007Alloy 20<0.0720.
URANUS B61.4538N08904/1.4539/904L<0.0220.
San cro 28-N08028/1.4563<0.0327.
A351 CT15CN08151/1.4859N08810/1.4935/Alloy 800H<0.1520.032.5-1.0Nb
A351 CK3MCuNJ93254/1.4557S31254/1.4547/F44<0.02520., 0.20N
A351 CN3MNJ94651N08926/1.4529<0.0321., Cu
UNS S34565-S34565/1.4565<0.0324., 0.4N, Nb
654SMO-S32654/1.4652/654SMO<0.02524., 3.5Mn
A890 1B/CD4MCuNJ93372-<0.0425., 0.17N
A890 2A/CE8MNJ93345-<0.0824.09.53.750.2N
A890 3A/CD6MNJ93371329<0.0625.
A890 4A/CD3MNJ92205/1.4470S31803/1.4462/F51<0.0322., Cu<1.0
A890 5A/CE3MNJ93404/1.4469S32750/1.4410/F53<0.0325.
A890 6A/CD3MWCuNJ93380/1.4471S32760/F55<0.0325., 0.7W, 0.25N
1.45151.4515-<0.0325., 0.17N
1.45171.4517-<0.0325., 0.17N
ALLOY 25-5LC--<0.0325.
ALLOY 25-5Cu--<0.0325., 0.18N
1.4362-S32304/1.4362/2304<0.0323., 0.15N
1.4469J93404/1.4469-<0.0326., Cu<1.3
NICKEL BASEA494 CZ100N02100/2.4066N02200/2.4066/Nickel 200<1.0->95.0--
A494 M35N24135/2.4365N04400/2.4369/Monel 400<0.35-Bal-29.0Cu, Fe<3.5
A494 M30HN24030/2.4367N05500/2.4375/Monel K500<0.30-Bal-30.0Cu, 3.2Si, Fe<3.5
A494 CY40N06040/2.4816N06600/2.4816/Alloy 600<0.4015.5Bal-Fe<11.0, Si<3.0
A494 CU5MCuCN08825N08825/2.4858/Alloy 825<0.0521.541.03.03.0Cu, 0.9Nb, Fe<3.0
A494 CW6MCN26625/2.4855N06625/2.4856/Alloy 625<0.0621.5Bal9.03.75Nb, Fe<5
A494 CW2MN26455/2.4610N06455/2.4610/HC-4<0.0216.0Bal16.0Fe<2.0
A494 CW6MN30107-<0.0718.5Bal18.5Fe<3.0
A494 CW12MWN30002//2.4686N10276/2.4819/HC-276<0.1216.5Bal17.04.25W, 0.3V, Fe<7.5
A494 CX2MWN26022/2.4602N06022/2.4602/HC-22<0.0221.5Bal13.53.0W, Fe<6.0
A494 CX2MN26059/2.4607N06059/2.4605/Alloy 59<0.0223.0Bal15.5Fe<1.5
HC2000-C2.4675N06200/2.4675/HC-2000<0.0223.0Bal16.01.6Cu, Fe<3.0
A494 N12MVN30012/2.4882N10665/2.4617/HB-2<0.12<1.0Bal28.0Fe<8.0








FONDINOX316 HP-- <0.07 21.0 9.0 2.3 0.12N
316LHP-- <0.03 21.0 9.0 2.3 0.12N
ALLOY 25-5LC-- <0.03 25.0 7.0 2.5 0.12N
ALLOY 25-5Cu-- <0.03 25.0 6.0 2.5 2.0Cu, 0.18N
SANDVIKSAF 2304-SAF 2304 <0.03 23.0 4.0 - 0.15N
SAF 2205J92205/1.4470SAF 2205 <0.03 22.0 5.5 3.0 0.18N
SAF 2507 ®J93404/1.4469SAF 2507 <0.03 25.0 7.0 4.2 0.25N
2RK651.45382RK65 <0.03 20.0 25.0 4.5 1.5Cu
Sanicro 28-Sanicro 28 <0.03 27.0 31.0 3.5 1.0Cu
OUTOKUMPU254SMO ®J93254/1.4557254SMO <0.025 20.0 18.0 6.3 0.7Cu, 0.20N
654SMO ®-654SMO <0.025 24.0 22.0 7.5 0.50N, 3.5Mn
153MATM-153MA <0.05 18.5 9.5 - 1.5Si, 0.15N, Ce
253MA ®-253MA <0.20 21.0 11.0 - 1.70Si, Ce
353MA ®1.4852353MA <0.20 25.0 35.0 - 1.50Si, Ce
HAYNES INTL. INC.Hasteloy ® C-276*N30002/2.4686Hastelloy C-276 <0.02 15.5 Bal. 16.0 5.5Fe, 3.75W
Hasteloy ® C-4*N26455/2.4610Hastelloy C-4 <0.02 16.0 Bal. 16.25 Fe<2.0
Hasteloy ® C-22*N26022Hastelloy C-22 <0.02 21.25 Bal. 13.5 4.0Fe, 3.0W
Hasteloy ® B-2*N30007Hastelloy B-2 <0.02 <1.0 Bal. 28.0 Fe<2.0
Hasteloy ® G-3*2.4619Hastelloy G-3 <0.02 22.25 Bal. 7.0 2.0Cu, 19.5Fe
Hasteloy ® G-30*-Hastelloy G-30 <0.03 29.75 Bal. 5.3 15Fe, 1.7Cu, 2.8W, Nb
Hasteloy ® C-2000**2.4675Hastelloy C-2000 <0.02 23.0 Bal. 16.0 1.6Cu, Fe<3.0
Hasteloy ® B-3**2.4600Hastelloy B-3 <0.02 2.0 Bal. 29.5 2.0Fe
Hasteloy ® C-22HS**-Hastelloy C-22HS <0.02 20.7 Bal. 16.5 Fe<1.8
Hasteloy ® G-35**2.4643Hastelloy G-35 <0.02 33.4 Bal. 8.3 Fe<2.0



What is Centrifugal Casting?

The centricast process consists of pouring molten metal into a steel rotating mould. Water cooling of the mould permits a fast solidification from the outside to the inside surfaces of the casting. After the solidification the item is pulled from the mould and is ready for heat treatment.


Here you can see some pictures showing the production cycle of a centricast pipe in A451 CPF8 (304).

 Centrifugal Casting Process Centrifugal Casting ProcessCentrifugal Casting Process 



Rotating MouldMolten MetalRotating MouldOxides and Impurities
Centrifugal Casting Process
Centrifugal Casting Process
Molten metal forced centrifugally against mould wall. Controlled solidification progresses inward towards the bore.Oxides and impurities concentrate in the bore and are removed by machining.



Why to choose centrifugal casting?

The centricast process produces:

  • Mechanical separation of non-metallic inclusions: microstructure cleanliness (improvement in performance). They will be eliminated during machining operation on inner bore.
  • High density of the material without shrinkage and gas porosities.
  • Very short lead time (rough condition: 2 weeks / pre-machined: 3-4 weeks ex. works).
  • All alloys can be produced (acc. to all international Standards).
  • Optimized and shaped mould to reduce weight and costs.
  • Mechanical properties higher than that of static castings and fully comparable with forgings.
  • Possibility to produce all possible size, not standard only, with weight and costs minimization.





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