Fabrication and Machining

Fabricated Body for Subsea Electric Motor
Machined Centricast High Pressure Separators
Machined Pump Bowl
Machined Valve Adapter

Castings are often required to be partially or totally fabricated and machined.

In order to satisfy such demands our principals are equipped with an excellent machining department and have a whole series of further qualified machining subsuppliers, in order to perform all types of machining operations. Also specific welding procedures and qualifications have been created for special alloys, to obtain fabricated components with optimal properties, with regards to microstructure, corrosion performance and mechanical values, both in weld metal and in the heat affected zone. All operative welding processes (MMA, GMAW, SMAW, SAW) enable the highest production flexibility in terms of the construction material and weld bead geometry.


For more detailed information and a full list of alloy materials cast, including licenced special alloys, refer www.fondinox.com/en/

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