Centrifugal and static castings

Static Castings

9" 10,000lb Cast Valve Body

Our principals produce sand castings for the world's major valve and pump manufacturers; for metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical industry furnaces, for fittings' manufacturers and users of general purpose cast items.

Extreme care and knowledge of metallurgy and the melting process leads to the production of tailored castings with the best performances and quality levels.

Our principals are equipped for the production of medium size castings, with unitary weights from 5kg to 7000kg and linear dimensions up to 3m.

Pipes for Hydraulic Cylinders and Piston Accumulator Construction

Applications in the Hydraulic field are growing all over the world due to their ability to manage considerable power using components with little size and weight. In each application, when it is required to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical force or movement, Hydraulic Cylinders or Piston Accumulators are used.

Our principals are a reliable and highly qualified partner in the production of stainless steel and special alloys centrifugal cast pipes used as a barrel for the Cylinder or Accumulator construction.

Mechanical hollow pipes from centrifugal casting process

Our principals have been for many years a leading producer of centricast pipes and shaped vertical items. Such products could be reasonably considered as the best solution in many applications, where highest dimensional and productive flexibility, very short delivery, best metallurgical quality and price are required.

Fabrication and Machining

Fabricated Body for Subsea Electric Motor

Castings are often required to be partially or totally fabricated and machined.

Centrifugal castings

Thin walled spun cast tube OD 140mm ID 100mm L 770mm

Centrifugal casting is a process that delivers shaped castings very near to the final dimension and of high material soundness. It is the best choice for the production of critical components where a high grade of reliability is required.

In the centrifugal casting process, liquid steel is poured into a spinning metallic shaped mould. Centrifugal action leads to: