About us

As a specialist in the supply of industrial wire NOCKERS ENGINEERING PRODUCTS works with its manufacturing principals to stay abreast of new and improved wire material specifications which can offer cost advantages to our customers over material offered from other suppliers. As a privately owned company, management and business decision making are streamlined and flexible to accommodate individual customer requirements.

Nockers Engineering Products is not a commodity trading company and many of our “wire manufacturer / wire user” relationships are long established. We also provide technical and commercial services not normally associated with regular material supply companies. Our local stocks of stainless steel wire are extensive and cover spring wire, knitting, braiding, weaving and cold heading wire. We also stock heating and resistance wires in copper nickel and nickel chrome (Nichrome) alloys as well as nickel alloys for other specialised applications.

We have regular customers in a number of other African and overseas countries which we supply ex stock or ex manufacturer depending on the requirements. Several of our manufacturing principals use their own wire materials for the further manufacture of wire products such as steel wire rope, welding consumables and electric cables. These products are available in South Africa through our locally appointed distributors and worldwide through our affiliates.

Some of our customers use our wire materials for the manufacture of industrial products such as mesh, braid, special electric cables and thermocouple cables. These products are available from us both for local and overseas use.